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Legacy of Legends Center for Health and Wellness on Action News 5

Our Executive Director Honor as the mid-south hero on Action news 5 

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Legacy Impact Community Resource Center being developed in Frayser through a partnership of Legacy of Legends CDC and Impact Church 

Hear about a program taking a unique approach to counseling students and families during the pandemic.

Longtime pastor and community activist Charlie Caswell knows there isn’t a silver bullet for improving the lives of students in poverty in Shelby County, but he firmly believes he’s come as close as possible to finding one.

Neighbors pitch in to help each other out after storm. 

This means families of more than 41,000 children across Tennessee without access to free child care starting in January.

Some schools are saying 50 percent of some students are not getting on their devices days at a time,” said Charlie Caswell, executive director of Legacy of Legends CDC in Frayser. 

One local pastor is doing his best to help keep those young and old stay cool and hydrated during this heatwave.

Memphis community advocates and faculty from UTHSC came together at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center for a symposium to discuss drug abuse and addiction in Tennessee and its negative impact on overall health outcomes.

CAD Talk: ACEs and the Faith Community

Memphis Pastor Helping Those Dealing With Tragedy

 A local pastor is taking a stand after several deadly shootings in Memphis in less than a week. One of the victims was his cousin.

Community Leaders Help SCS Students Deal With Trauma

Community Leaders Helping SCS Students D
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