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LEGACY IMPACT IS OWNED & MANAGED BY LEGACY OF LEGENDS CDC, A 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION THAT HAS SERVED MEMPHIS- SHELBY COUNTY FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS.  ​ MISSION Committed to developing trauma informed and resilient communities that is focused on preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and building vision based communities. VISION Creating communities that has the capacity to address traumatic experiences so all stakeholders can enjoy a better quality of life. ​ Why We Do This Work The city of Memphis has a poverty rate of 26.9%. Child poverty is 44.7% and black children is 48.9%. Memphis has reverted to being the poorest MSA with a population over a million people. (UofM report) Shelby County Schools has over 40K students living in households that has $10K or less annual income. 1 in 4 Tennessean has 4 or more adverse childhood experiences (SCS and BSBTN reports).

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